The Queens Writers Fellowship is essentially the second desk in my sunny office, here in Astoria. It’s open to any Queens-based writer or general freelancer who needs to buckle down and get sh*t done.

I work better when there are other people around to keep me honest–it’s the coffee shop effect. But I think it’s much better to be at home, where the coffee is basically free and people won’t steal your stuff when you go to the bathroom. Plus, why let Brooklyn writers have all the fun?

The schedule for the fellowship is, admittedly, a little erratic. I am a travel writer, and that calls for me being out of town a bit. But when I’m home, I’m usually in full-bore work mode and welcome having people around to keep me focused. If you’re interested, drop me an email and let me know.

I’d love to build up a community of writers and workers-from-home in Queens so we can all keep each other on track, and off the cute-baby-animal-of-the-day websites.

Since it started in January 2011, the Winslow Place Home for Wayward Writers has taken in:

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